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Aged Care Cleaning

What is the problem?

The main problem in aged care cleaning is the amount of time it takes to clean all areas of the facility on a daily basis properly. This often leads to areas that are not cleaned to the highest possible standard, as cleaners will use mops and cloths they already have with them to prevent extra trips back to the cleaner’s room, spreading the dirt.

Recommended products

A Trolley system that minimises trips back to the cleaners room

A Shower Cleaning Pad, hand held or on an adjustable handle

A Scrub & Clean Mop Head

A Glass & Stainless Steel Microbre Pad that works perfectly every time

Hospital Cleaning

What is the problem?

Slippery Wet Floors are a large problem in Hospitals due the high traffic nature with staff rushing around. Slips and falls can cost huge amount in lost time and injuries.

Recommended products

Aquamop for cleaning of different sized floors

Microbre Cloths pre-soaked and ready to use for non-slip bathroom floors

Shaggy high & low duster for large corridors

Accudose system for Pre-soaked Mopping

Bathroom Cleaning

What is the problem?

Most new bathrooms are being designed with non-slip flooring. This flooring collects residual mopping solution and when floors are left over wet builds up into lots of layers of dirty solution. The answer is to not just lift the dirt and germs from the surface into the mopping solution, but secondly to remove that dirty solution from your floor into the mop. Using a microfibre mop with the correct moisture level will allow you to keep your bathroom floors clean all the time.

Recommended products

Scrubby Micro Pads for non scratching scrubbing

Scrub-E wall and Floor Mop

Scrub n Dry non-slip floor mop

Compact bucket for easy off-site cleaning

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