Reduce the Risk of Trips and Falls by using Smart Floor Cleaning Equipment | Interclean

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Reduce the Risk of Trips and Falls by using Smart Floor Cleaning Equipment

Trip Hazards in the workplace amount to thousands of preventable injuries each year. For any area in a facility, large or small, reducing potential risks to the public and staff is a vital necessity. Cables from power extension units are one of the most common trip hazards in public spaces and can lead to personal injury claims that could have been avoided if using machines that were capable of sustained usage without a direct power source.

HepaMedic has a range of floor cleaners designed to avoid potentially hazardous situations by using long-lasting battery powered units and doing away with dangerous cords.

The HepaMedic battery powered range has been created with a long-life battery that holds enough charge to power your floor machines for up to 90mins, so you can be confident knowing trips and falls caused by electrical leads are a thing of the past.  

Whether you need a Scrubber to deep scrub your floors, or a light and compact unit for lighter traffic areas, contact us today for a demonstration to find the right machine for your cleaning needs.

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Let the right tools provide easy cleaning for you!  To find out more information on the HepaMedic Floor Cleaning range or to place an order, contact your nearest distributor or call us at Interclean on 02 9838 7740.

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