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Fresh Air Cube

Believe it or not, urinals are not the only producers of smells in your washroom. Toilets in mens washrooms and even ladies washrooms all can smell a bit off.

The Fresh Cube has been designed out of a polymer that contains fragrance oils. This polymer gradually releases the fragrance over 60 days giving your cubicle areas the fragrance lift they need.

Made of environmentally friendly material, these 100% recyclable cubes will not dissolve in or pollute water.


  • 30% more air freshener than standard rimsticks
  • Gradually releases air freshener over 60 days
  • Used clip will shrink by 30% in 60 days, to a tight fit
  • Consistent Odour control _ by using the cube date tabs, you’ll know when to replace it
  • Versatile – Sticks just about anywhere to a flat, smooth surface. Each cube comes with a clip with double sided tape that helps you hide it everywhere if needed
  • Powerful – Contains 50-100 x more fragrance than a standard toilet rimstick

Fragrances: Cotton Blossom, Cucumber Melon, Mango, Spiced Apple

Part NoDescription
RC30MGINTFresh Air Cube (Remind Air Curve) Mango (Clear) Interclean
RC30SAINT1Fresh Air Cube (Remind Air Curve)Spiced Apple Interclean
RC30CBINT Fresh Air Cube (Remind Air Curve) Cotton Blossom Interclean
RC30CMINT Fresh Air Cube (Remind Air Curve) Cucumber Melon Interclean
RC30CINT Fresh Air Cube (Remind Air Curve) Citrus (Yellow) Interclean

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