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Stainless Steel

These are pre-moistened with a unique citrus-based formula designed to clean and polish stainless steel surfaces while protecting them against the damaging effects of oxidation and corrosion.

Each wipe will remove hard-water stains, grease smudges, oily fingerprints, food spills and residue from virtually any stainless steel surface or appliance.

Use them to clean stainless steel panels in kitchens, food manufacturing facilities, office buildings, train stations, lifts, and handrails.

Use the non-scratching abrasive side of the wipe first to remove build up and stains and then turn the wipe over and use the softer side to polish the surface.

A soft microfibre cloth such as the Micro-scrim can be used to finish off if you want finger print resistant surfaces, such as handrails and door opening panels.

This product is accepted for use in export registered meat establishments.


  • No harsh chemicals, leaves a pleasant citrus fragrance
  • Quickly wipes away heavy dirt to restore a brilliant shine
  • Leaves behind a protective coating which shines surfaces and preserves them from water marks and corrosion
Part NoDescription
INT1549SS40Stainless Steel Wipes 40 Count
INT1549SS12Stainless Steel Wipes Tub of 12

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