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Shaggy High Dusting Microfibre

The Shaggy High Dusting Tool is a response to your request for a high dusting tool that grabs all types of dust from all types of surfaces without letting that dust go.

The back is made from very fine microfibre and is used for dusting flat panel screens, while the front long shaggy side is used to dust anything else. Fits onto Extension mop handles and also fits Ettore professional window poles.

Traditional dusting methods have used sticky chemical to attract dust to the dusting tool, however, when residual sticky chemical is left on the surface dust is attracted towards the surface increasing your need to dust.

This duster can be used dry or moist. Sometimes you need to dust over a curtain rail, inside a ceiling vent, on top of a shelf or behind a bookshelf. This tool allows you to carry out all of these tasks with ease.


  • Long Shaggy microfibre to grab and hold
  • Short fibre on back for flat panels
  • Bendable frame to get into any angles
  • Fits onto adjustable handles or Ettore poles
  • Can be laundered more than 500 times up to 95 degrees Celsius
Part NoDescription
TTS00008878Shaggy Plastic Duster Frame 40cm
INT30412BShaggy Healthcare High Dusting Cover 40cm Blue
INT30412WShaggy Healthcare High Dusting Cover 40cm White

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