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Traditionally on cleaning trolleys one tends to find some sort of sponge scourer that is used to scrub difficult to remove grime and build up. The problem with using an aggressive scourer is two fold.

First, it often abrases the surface too much, and not only removes the grime but also breaks down the surface of the item you are cleaning, leading to increased attraction and adhesion of future build up.

Secondly, the sponge area of the scourer harbours moisture, grime and germs and is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. The risk of cross contamination is increased from using sponge scourers in multiple patient areas.

The Scrubbys are nonabrasive, and will not scratch the surface area you are cleaning. They are designed to scrub basins, wall tiles and grout. They can be laundered the same as other microfibre cloths and mops – up to 500 times.

Part NoDescription
INTSCRUBBYBTechnoclean Scrubby Blue
INTSCRUBBYRTechnoclean Scrubby Red
INTSCRUBBYGTechnoclean Scrubby Green
INTSCRUBBYYTechnoclean Scrubby Yellow
INTSCRUBBYWTechnoclean Scrubby White

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