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Scrub & Dry Microfibre Covers

These microfibre mops are designed to scrub non slip (safety) floors and leave them dry in the shortest amount of time. Now with diagonal scrub strips and a folded front design this mop gets into the edges, brushing and cleaning better than any other mop.

Scrub N Dry covers contain microfibre cloths inside the mop which help to hold up to 600mls of picked up solution in a similar way to how a baby’s nappy works, keeping the surface of the mop on the floor drier at all times.

By standing the frame on its edge the scrubbing brush stripes will scrub your floor with maximum leverage to remove built up grime and scuff marks.

Most healthcare facilities now install non slip flooring in wet areas like kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms and around hand basins in hallways. These gritted non slip surfaces are very difficult to clean as they rip standard mops to pieces and hold onto lots of dirt and grime.


  • Low friction scrubbing design
  • Can be laundered over 500 times
  • Holds 60% more than competitive mops
  • Silver Antibacterial technology
  • Long life hook and loop fastener backing
  • Can be washed at 95 degrees Celsius
Part NoDescription
INTSD40VBScrub & Dry M/Cover Blue for 40cm Flat Mop
INTSD40VGScrub & Dry M/Cover Green for 40cm Flat Mop
INTSD40VRScrub & Dry M/Cover Red for 40cm Flat Mop
INTSD40VYScrub & Dry M/Cover Yellow for 40cm Flat Mop
INTSD40VWTheatre Scrub Mop White for 40cm Flat Mop

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