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Multi Metal & Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitising

These are pre-moistened with a powerful formula that removes deposits and oxidation from sensitive metal surfaces like brass, silver and copper.

While these wipes are strong enough to remove tough stains and deposits, they are still gentle enough to polish and protect metal surfaces against further damage.

In addition to our advanced formula that cleans and protects in one step, each wipe utilises a dual purpose cloth towel. One side of the wipe features a non-scratching abrasive fabric to aid in the removal of stains and oxidation, while the opposite side of the wipe is smooth to help polish and buff the surface to a bright shine.


  • No harsh ammonia fumes. Gentle enough to polish and protect the metal surfaces against further damage
  • Powerful formula removes deposits, oxidation and corrosion quickly
  • Abrasive yet non scratching towel aids in cleaning and traps dirt and oils preventing re-soiling
Part NoDescription
INT1575MM40Multi Metal Polish Wipes 40 Count
INT1445HS70Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitising Wipes Tub of 70

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