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Hybrid Wide Area Scrub 460

This low profile battery scrubber will deep scrub all your floors and grout and suck up all the dirty solution, leaving them clean and dry. Easily cleans under tables and kitchen benches.


• 90 minutes of battery power
• High efficiency motors for the longest running time
• Manoeuvrable and light, just guide it and it goes by itself!
• Removable water tanks on the body frame
• The world’s lowest base housing profile 230 mm (9 inch)
• Superior working capacity 1500 sqm./h
• Scrub and dry to the wall on the side and in front
• Dries perfectly on turns, thanks to the easy glide suction nozzle
• Quick brush roller and squeegee replacement without tools

Part NoDescription
LW46HYBRIDHybrid Wide-Area Scrub 460
89830381Firm 42cm Yellow Brush Roller
89810381Soft 42cm Black Brush Roller
89820381Medium 42cm Red Brush Roller
180050381Soft Polish 42cm White Pad Roller
180060381Firm Polish 42cm Red Pad Roller

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