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Healthcare Microfibre Cloths

These cloths have been designed to remove 99.9% of germs from most non porous surfaces. The cloths then sanitise themselves using the silver antibacterial properties. They can be laundered up to 95 degrees Celsius and work with and without the use of chemicals.

Techno-Clean Microfibre contains silver that inhibits bacteria growth, so not only will your surfaces be clean but your cloths will sanitise themselves.

Our edging is reinforced helping to keep the shape of the cloth so that it will fold easily even after 500 washes.


  • Can be laundered over 500 times
  • Silver Antibacterial technology
  • Sanitises itself as you clean
  • Can be washed at 95 degrees Celsius
Part NoDescription
INTHMC3840BHealthcare Microfibre Cloths 40×30 Antibacterial Blue
INTHMC3840GHealthcare Microfibre Cloths 40×30 Antibacterial Green
INTHMC3840RHealthcare Microfibre Cloths 40×30 Antibacterial Red
INTHMC3840YHealthcare Microfibre Cloths 40×30 Antibacterial Yellow
INTHMC3830WHealthcare Microfibre Cloths 38×30 Antibacterial White

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