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Disposable Microfibre Cloths

For the best cleaning result in an infectious or isolation area, surfaces should be cleaned in such a way that the maximum amount of bioburden is removed from the surface before applying a disinfectant.

TouchPoint Disposable Microfi bre Cloths are perfectly moistened, ready-to-use to clean surfaces in a single wipe motion. Available in yellow for infectious areas or isolation cleans, purple for cytotoxic areas or and white range where colour coding for disposable cloths is not required.


• Pre-moistened with neutral cleaner
• Ready to use at correct moisture level
• Fibres pick up better than normal microfi bre
• Eliminates any laundering process and cost

Part NoDescription
INTINF2520Infectious Yellow Cloth
INTCYT2520Cytotoxic Purple Cloth
INTCYT560Cytotoxic Purple Cloth
INTTHE2520Theatre White Cloth
INTWAS2520Washroom White Cloth
INTGEN2520General White Cloth

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