Derby Bins 17 Litre & 30 Litre | Interclean

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Derby Bins 17 Litre & 30 Litre

Derby bins are completely made in polypropylene, are shock resistant, with rounded corners and smooth contours for easy cleaning. Built with sturdy construction, they are available with coloured lids and can even be used hands free with a large foot pedal operation.

2x 15L Dividers are available

Part NoDescription
TTS00005485Derby Bin 17L White
TTS00005710Derby Bin 30 LT - White Lid
TTS00005711Derby Bin 30 LT - Red Lid
TTS00005712Derby Bin 30 LT - Blue Lid
TTS00005713Derby Bin 30 LT - Yellow Lid
TTS00005714Derby Bin 30 LT - Green Lid
TTS00005715Derby Bin 30 LT - Purple Lid

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