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Compact Scrub / Extract 300

The machine runs smooth and easy on its 4 rubber wheels. The brush is kept uniformly wet by a set of injectors. There are several brush types available for different floor surfaces and cleaning needs. The suction is perfect in both directions thanks to the two squeegee nozzles working simultaneously.


• Lightweight 10.2 kg
• The lightest ergonomic handle weight for the operator 1.3 kg
• The world lowest profile 14 cm gets under tables and chairs
• Change brush and squeegee to convert to carpet cleaner
• Injection and extraction in single pass
• Minimum consumption of water and chemicals

Hard Floors

Part NoDescription
LW30PROHepaMedic Compact Scrub 300 Hard Floor Scrubber
LW30PRO-LICompact Scrub 300 Battery Powered
88270381Medium 27cm Black Brush Roller
87800381Firm 27cm Red Brush Roller
180090381Soft Polish 27cm White Pad Roller
180100381Firm Polish 27cm Red Pad Roller
89650081Pair of Scrub Squeegees

Soft Floors

Part NoDescription
LW30EXTHepaMedic Compact Extract 300 Carpet Cleaner
88160081Spray Extraction Kit
88250381Soft 27cm White Brush Roller
89480081Pair of Extract Carpet Nozzles

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