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Compact Bucket

To compliment our range of compact Microfibre tools, you can now build your own washroom system with this small, ergonomic and neat caddy bucket. This is the perfect trolley/bucket system for cleaning small areas like washrooms or for areas where you need to carry your Microfibre but can’t take a trolley.

The compact bucket kit comes with a basin for blue cloths, a basin for red cloths or shower cleaning pads, an area for your toilet brush with its own rinse area and an area for chemicals.

Use the compact bucket kit or design your own with the following components.

Part NoDescription
TTS00003260Compact Bucket Kit - includes 28L bucket, wheels, 3 basins & brush
TTS00003261Compact Bucket Only 28 Litre - includes wheels
TTS00003263BGrey Rectangular Basin with Blue Plugs for Compact Bucket
TTS00003263RGrey Rectangular Basin with Red Plugs for Compact Bucket
TTS00003262R3 Grey Compartments with red plugs & lid for Compact Bucket
TTS000003265RToilet Brush with handle & red grip for Compact Bucket

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