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Do you have a lot of cleaner’s using pre-moistened microfibre mops? Do they use them with varying amount of solution, some too dry and some too wet?

If you would like a pre-measured, pre-moistening system for your microfibre mops that fits onto the front of your trolley, the new ACCU-DOSE system is for you!

One or two 6L solution containers lock into the Accu-Dose system allowing you to control a measured amount of solution to moisten your mops or wall washing heads. A second solution can be used for bleach solution for your infectious cleans. This system can be trolley mounted or wall mounted for outside theatres.

Part NoDescription
TTS00005900VAccu-Dose - Dosing device with green components for Magic Trolleys
TTS00005910VAccu-Dose - Double Dosing device with green components for Magic Trolleys
TTSL360840Magic Trolley Support for Accudose

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