40cm Flat Mop Holders | Interclean

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40cm Flat Mop Holders

Flat Mop Holders with hook and loop fasteners are available in 30cm, 40cm and 60cm. The head attaches to telescopic mop handles, which can then be adjusted to the operator’s correct height. These heads allow microfibre covers to be changed easily without the operator touching the dirty area. Simply attach a pre-soaked mop cover to the Flat Mop Head, clean your area, then put the dirty mop cover into your bag for laundering.

Part NoDescription
TTS0000892EFlat Mop Holders 40cm - Grey with Lock System
TTS0000892GFlat Mop Holders 40cm Green/Grey with Lock
TTS0000892BFlat Mop Holders 40cm - Blue/Grey with Lock
TTS0000892RFlat Mop Holders 40cm - Red/Grey with Lock
TTS0000892YFlat Mop Holders 40cm - Yellow/Grey with Lock
TTS0000892WFlat Mop Holders 40cm - White

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