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30cm Aquamops

With the Aquamop Microfibre Mopping System you never need to use a bucket that could carry germs, you use a clean Microfibre cover for each new area, you mop with clean solution, directly from the mop handle. You keep any unused solution for later use and you never tip dirty solution down the drain.

Press the button on the top of the handle to release solution and start mopping. When you have finished that area, remove the mop head and place it in a bag for later laundering. Go directly to your next area, get a clean mop head and you’re ready to start cleaning without all the time consuming tasks of emptying and filling up mop buckets, or rinsing and wringing out mops.

Part NoDescription
ITTS970GY30E30cm Aquamop Grey
TTS970GY30R30cm Aquamop Red

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