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Healthcare Cleaning Managers & End Users Conference

Not shortly after our What’s Next In Cleaning Seminars we pioneered our mobility scooters Inaugural ‘Healthcare Cleaning Contractors and End Users Conference’ where healthcare professionals from all over Australia came together to discuss the future of the cleaning industry.

Key Note Speaker from the USA, Thomas Winninger spent time teaching attendees business building truths and inspired the Healthcare Professionals to think outside the box, and strategically position their businesses for a win. “I believe leaders don’t compete and competitors don’t lead. If you can’t hep the individual look better, act better, or get more out of what they are doing then you can’t help them”- Winninger said as he spoke to the group about ‘How companies figure out where they are going’.

Interclean’s Key International Suppliers in attendance included  Doug Brown from Fresh Products, Hydross Jasse from Oxy-Gen Powered and Steve Hipp from Athea Laboratories who all had a great time sharing their knowledge and chatting with attendees.

‘It’s the people in the room who will make this conference brilliant for you, bring out the best in each other. We want competition and we want opposition,Fun Gear Store http://www.gearlab.uk/ we want everyone else to do better, because if everyone else does better it’s going to be easier for us to do better’, Bill emphasised as the conference commenced. The two days acted as a priceless networking opportunity, both for end users, distributors and suppliers alike, and led to many fantastic ideas and questions raised.

As those in attendance listed to a wealth of various speakers, panels, suppliers and industry professionals it became apparent that when it comes to the cleaning industry, there is such a clear need for growth and development; particularly when it comes to training at the operational level, setting and measuring standards, reporting, auditing and safe work practices.

For all those who came, a BIG THANK YOU from everyone at Interclean. We look forward to working with you to continue to make your cleaning management easier, safer, faster, cleaner, more productive and greener.

I love what Bill is doing with Interclean and the concept of pioneering and working with other people who are also trying to change and influence and make things better in cleaning. That’s what I want to be apart of. – Bridget Gardner (Fresh, Green, Clean)

Everything that I thought it would be or hoped it would be it has been. The interaction, the communication, the ideas, and just the whole experience has been wonderful – Chris Dedicoat (ISS World)

What's Next In Cleaning

Our What’s Next In Cleaning Seminars have been a huge success beyond what we could have imagined. Over 2 weeks in March, The Interclean team visited Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Wollongong with the purpose of introducing you to some of our newest initiatives and products as well as getting to know our customers even better.

These jam packed seminars included talks by Internationally Renowned Training Expert Peter Hennig whose experience in European hospitals, and in particular German ones helped enlighten our end users and distributors as to what new practices are being employed over seas and how we can start to implement them here. Attendees also saw a preview of Interclean’s New TouchPoint Auditor and helped us to improve it further by adding the option for a safety audit and many other features.

If you weren’t able to make it to any of our seminars be sure to check out our highlights video along with our new product teasers by googling Interclean Vimeo and checking out our page.

Pioneering for a cleaner future

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