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Improving Australia's Regional Healthcare Cleaning Management

Regional Health centres in Australia are home to some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. Our regional sectors are responsible for the care of around one-third of Australia’s population. That’s around 7 million people.  To be a Healthcare Facility that provides world class care, regional centres are working to champion initiatives that bring lasting effects and change to their current healthcare environments. 


The range of issues faced by regional and remote health workforces are unique and best understood by the people managing each sector. Searching for solutions is most effective when professionals from across a regional health group come together to seek out new ideas, proven methods and quality services that suit their individual facility needs.

Bill Bassett from the Interclean Group hosted such an opportunity this week as he met with a team of Infection Control Managers and Environmental Services Managers in Victoria. Understanding that regional health managers need to show considerable return on any investments made, Bill demonstrated how a full digital cleaning and management system can increase productivity and efficencies significantly for one of the most important workforces in Healthcare.


Savings of between 10% – 20% on staff efficiencies means not only that managers can find savings within their existing expenditure, but that higher standards of infection control and overall hygiene levels of facilities can also be easily achieved. On average the standard of health and wellbeing for those living in regional Australia are not as high as those with the same access to services in the city. To eliminate any further risk than necessary to patients and their families, all care should be taken to adhere to the highest best standard practices that keep facilities and hospitals free from Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs).

Working with a facilities individual needs is what makes the Interclean Group stand out from other Healthcare cleaning product and service providers. From the largest of healthcare settings, to regional centres, Interclean Managed Services has provided outstanding results in helping find the right cleaning systems and solutions that meet local community health needs.

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To find out more about how Fully Managed Digital Cleaning Systems can assist infection control at your Healthcare or Aged Care facility, or to book a best practice demonstration for your team, send us an email today.

Reference: National Rural Health Alliance Inc.



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