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About C.H.I.P. Courses

For over 10 years I have dreamed of having a training centre where Australia’s best cleaning managers could come together and create better cleaning systems. I wanted a training centre that was set up with various rooms where cleaners could be taught to identify what needed to be cleaned, understand the WH&S and cross contamination challenges facing staff and management, and could take the time to play and trial various ways to find the easiest, fastest, safest way to keep our facilities hygienically clean.

Designing the C.H.I.P. course and charging for the two day seminar has allowed us to invest heavily and create Australia’s first UV Training room. When you enter the room it is fairly dark with all walls and much of the celling painted in black. The main three training areas are a patient bedroom, a washroom and a large floor area with various types of floor surfaces used in healthcare facilities. Above the rooms you can see various TouchPoint surfaces with germs that glow when a UV torch is shined on them.

During the seminar we choose three volunteers, a patient, a nurse & a cleaner. Each of them have a different colour UV material on their hands, they are instructed to touch the various surfaces within the rooms that are unavoidable to touch during a normal day. After this the white lights are turned off and UV lights are turned on. What we get to see is a whole lot of different colour handprints showing clearly only the touch point surfaces that need to be cleaned properly without spreading germs to the next area.

Each room has various types of cleaning tools that could be used to clean different surfaces, and once you have chosen the right tools and microfibre you then need to create the right trolley to hold all those tools.

The training center will be used for C.H.I.P. courses and can also be used as a training center for any company or facility wanting to improve their cleaning processes.


“The best thing is being able to share and relate to everyone else here, because we are all facing the same challenges and problems in each of our facilities and the hands-on aspect is a great way to refresh our knowledge and learn how to use new products”
David Armstrong , Majestic Services Group.
“The task analysis sheets are such a useful tool. It seems basic being a simple checklist but it holds all cleaners accountable regarding the task at hand, workplace health and safety issues and reduces the risk of cross contamination, so it gets you thinking about all the issues related to that particular cleaning task”
Dean Giannakis , Jani King Victoria.
“I found this course quite useful because even if you know it all, it’s a good refresher to learn again and actually get up and do it in front of everybody else. That’s what training should be like for managers and cleaning managers alike – actually doing the task in front of others to ensure it’s done correctly.”
John Taylor, Cleaning Supply Shop.

What is a C.H.I.P. distributor?

We have a small number of highly trained C.H.I.P. distributors that understand our systems and have been trained to be able to help you implement a Best Practice Cleaning System in your facility. Due to cleaning being very labour intensive, most of your improvement will come from training and supervision, not just from Fun Gear Store www.gearlab.uk better cleaning tools. Your C.H.I.P. distributor can provide training and advise to help you setup your new cleaning system.

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