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Reduce the Risk of Trips and Falls by using Smart Floor Cleaning Equipment

Trip Hazards in the workplace amount to thousands of preventable injuries each year. For any area in a facility, large or small, reducing potential risks to the public and staff is a vital necessity. Cables from power extension units are one of the most common trip hazards in public spaces and can lead to personal injury claims that could have been avoided if using machines that were capable of sustained usage without a direct power source.

HepaMedic has a range of floor cleaners designed to avoid potentially hazardous situations by using long-lasting battery powered units and doing away with dangerous cords.

The HepaMedic battery powered range has been created with a long-life battery that holds enough charge to power your floor machines for up to 90mins, so you can be confident knowing trips and falls caused by electrical leads are a thing of the past.  

Whether you need a Scrubber to deep scrub your floors, or a light and compact unit for lighter traffic areas, contact us today for a demonstration to find the right machine for your cleaning needs.

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  • We look forward to finding the right floor cleaning solutions for you. Please fill out your contact details below and one of our team will be in touch with you soon.

Let the right tools provide easy cleaning for you!  To find out more information on the HepaMedic Floor Cleaning range or to place an order, contact your nearest distributor or call us at Interclean on 02 9838 7740.

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High Dusting Tools on Special this July


For the month of July take advantage of the fantastic savings on offer with our High Dusting Microfibre Shaggy kit range.

  • The Shaggy High Dusting Microfibre cover grabs all types of dust from surfaces where it stays trapped. 
  • Bend your Shaggy to any angle and get around corners with ease using the quality Flex Frame tool.
  • Shaggy’s fit perfectly onto telescopic handles allowing extra reach into those hard to get spaces.

Use damp or dry. It’s perfect for dusting over a curtain rail, inside a ceiling vent, on top of a shelf, and any high out of reach areas.

Shaggy High Dusting kits and ready to order for delivery within 1 – 2 days.

Let the right tools provide easy cleaning for you!  To find out more information on the Shaggy High Duster Kit or to place an order, contact your nearest distributor or call us at Interclean on 02 9838 7740.

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Rubber Brush External Matting Keeps Entrances Dry and Safe

Interclean July specials keep entrances dry and safe with Rubber Brush Entrance Matting

With the rainy season upon us, so to the increased possibility of slips and falls occurring at our facilities from wet entrances and floors. It doesn’t take much for an accident to happen, but you can take simple precautions to help eliminate the risk of them happening at your venue. Take advantage of the July special and provide a warm welcome and safe entrances for your guests with Rubber Brush™ mats.

Product info:

• Constructed of tough SBR rubber, thousands of strong, flexible rubber fingers sweep shoes clean while suction cups on the underside of the mat help to minimize shifting. 

• Molded beveled edging on all 4 sides creates a retention dam to trap moisture

• Overall thickness of 5/8 inch

• Recommended and approved product as a part of the GreenTRAX™ program for “Green Cleaning” environments

Where to use:  Outdoor entrances of schools, municipal buildings, plant entrances, construction traffic area.

Mats are in stock and ready to order for delivery within 1 – 2 days. Provide your customers with safe Rubber Brush entrances today. To find out more information or to place an order, contact your nearest distributor or call us at Interclean on 02 9838 7740.

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FDN 2018 Conference for Environmental Services Managers, Supervisors & Infection Control Professionals.

We are excited to announce that registrations for the Future Disinfection Now 2018 Conference are open!

If you are a professional responsible for cleaning management, environmental cleaning or infection control within healthcare environmental services or aged care facilities, and you are committed to, and passionate about bringing a higher level of clean and hygiene to your healthcare facility, then FDN 2018 is a conference you don’t want to miss. Read on to find out more about FDN 2018 Conference and how you can nominate someone for the Healthcare Cleaning Services of the Year Award, with great prizes for the winners at each Conference.

Join us in Melbourne 30th April, or Sydney 1st May, as we bring Industry, Science and Practice together at the FDN 2018 Conference.


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An Environmental Services System to be Proud Of


A new approach to cleaning management in Aged Care

Cabrini Aged Care Facility has reinvented the way they show care for their residents and their extended families.  When an elderly person makes their home with Cabrini, they see it as an opportunity to make a significant difference to their life.  ‘We’ve done some massive changes’ explained Debra Charlton, CEO Cabrini Care. This includes an IT Care System, online training for staff, increased contact with families of residents and utilizing their website to keep connected and engaged with their community.


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Improving Australia's Regional Healthcare Cleaning Management

Regional Health centres in Australia are home to some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. Our regional sectors are responsible for the care of around one-third of Australia’s population. That’s around 7 million people.  To be a Healthcare Facility that provides world class care, regional centres are working to champion initiatives that bring lasting effects and change to their current healthcare environments. 


The range of issues faced by regional and remote health workforces are unique and best understood by the people managing each sector. Searching for solutions is most effective when professionals from across a regional health group come together to seek out new ideas, proven methods and quality services that suit their individual facility needs.

Bill Bassett from the Interclean Group hosted such an opportunity this week as he met with a team of Infection Control Managers and Environmental Services Managers in Victoria. Understanding that regional health managers need to show considerable return on any investments made, Bill demonstrated how a full digital cleaning and management system can increase productivity and efficencies significantly for one of the most important workforces in Healthcare.


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Interclean Launches Disposable Disinfection Program

With a strong focus on continuous improvement, Interclean is bringing to the market a Disposable Isolation Cleaning Kit to aid the reduction of HAI’s in facilities in a safe, easy, efficient and effective manner.


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What’s the best way to create a safe environment in my healthcare facility?

Dr Husdon Garrett Jr..png

Dr Hudson Garrett Jr.


Global Chief Clinical Officer at Pentax Medical, Chief Clinical Officer, National Association of Directors of Nursing Administration

The following article has been based on a seminar given by Dr Hudson Garrett Jr. at The Interclean Group’s Future Disinfection Now Conference 2017, titled, ‘The Role of the Clinical Environment of Care in the Transmission of HAI’s: What’s happening in the homes, and transferring to the hospitals’.

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Biofilms: Current Threats and Why We’re Not Winning The Battle

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 1.51.21 PM.pngKaren Vickery

Scientific Director of the Surgical Infection Research Group, Vice-Chancellor Innovation Fellow at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Macquarie University, Sydney Australia.

The following article is inspired by Professor Karen Vickery’s seminar at The Interclean Group’s Future Disinfection Now Conference, titled Biofilms: Current Threats and Why We’re Not Winning The Battle.

Biofilms: Current Threats and Why We’re Not Winning The Battle
 – Why are bacteria surviving your terminal cleans?

If you are a healthcare professional, you have no doubt asked yourselves more than once, ‘How are bacteria surviving your terminal and infectious cleans despite the best quality products and the most committed team?’. According to scientific studies conducted by Karen Vickery at Macquarie University Hospital, the answer is biofilms. Once believed to live only on wet surfaces, we now know that biofilms are growing on dry surfaces within our healthcare facilities and our current cleaning policies and procedures are not sufficient enough to kill them. (more…)

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Hospital floors may pose a larger health risk than previously thought, study finds

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 9.18.15 AM.pngAs Seen In Inclean Magazine May/June Issue 2017

According to a study published in the American Journal of Infection Control, the official journal of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC), hospital room floors may be an overlooked source of infection. 

INCLEAN’s Lizzie Hunter spoke to several industry professionals in the Australian cleaning industry to find out what this kind of research means for the cleaning industry and the future of infection control and prevention in the healthcare sector.


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Future Disinfection Now: Collaboration key in fight against HAIs

Article from Inclean Magazine May/June Issue

Interclean’s Future Disinfection Now 2017 conference took place on Tuesday 28 February at Rydges, Melbourne and Thursday 2 March at Waterview Bicentennial Park, Sydney. INCLEAN assistant editor Lizzie Hunter joined other healthcare and infection control professionals at the conference.


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Why Your Environmental Services Technicians Are Your Biggest Asset

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 12.07.58 PM.png
Content from: Fiona Nemetz, Seminar at Future Disinfection Now Conference

Fiona Nemetz MS, CHESP
Fiona is the Systems Director of EVS, Safety & Security at Northside Hospital Atlanta overseeing the 3 hospital system with 856 licensed beds. Past President of the AHE (The Association for the Healthcare Environment), Fiona shares a passion for EVS Leadership with over 30 years’ experience in both the hospitality and healthcare industries. 

Some of Australia’s best Environmental Services Professionals and Infection Control Experts had the honour of hearing Fiona talk at The Interclean Group’s Future Disinfection Now Conference earlier this year. The following article is an excerpt from her session, ‘Taking Science to the Bedside: Application of Evidence Based Practices’.

Why Your Environmental Services Technicians’s Are Your Biggest Asset
5 Ways To Increase Pride amongst your Environment Services Technicians


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Interclean, Bunzl & OCS team up to give Perth Airport new Trolley Systems

Bringing high-quality cleaning into today’s facilities takes a unified approach from Australia’s leading cleaning companies.

Chris Graham, Interclean’s Corporate Sales Manager was in Perth this week putting the final touches on rolling out new Interclean Washroom and General Trolleys across both the International and Domestic Terminals at Perth Airport sites as the outcome of a successful partnership between the Interclean Group, Bunzl and OCS (Outsourced Client Solutions). 

The successful collaboration between supplier, distributor, client and end user is due to the unique holistic relationship Interclean has with its customers.


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The Interclean team was proud to showcase their multi faceted products and services at this year’s ISSA Cleaning and Hygiene Expo

With a great team on site from marketing to senior management, we were able to really address a lot of the needs our clients are facing and offer some very innovative and unique opportunities to help solve problems.

A highlight for the team was demonstrating our new Disposable Disinfection Program. With a range of Disposable Microfibre Cloths and Disposable Wipes, we were able to complete consistent APT testing with readings of 0, after cleaning surfaces with our Disposable Microfibre Cloths.

IMG_30522.jpg (more…)

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Future Disinfection Now Conference Highlights

Over two days in Melbourne and Sydney, the Interclean Group hosted delegates from environmental services, infection control, clinical and management from the healthcare and aged care industry at their annual conference.  


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5 Reasons to attend a Managers & Supervisors Cleaning Course

An outcome of our very successful Future Disinfection Now Conference, which saw a combined attendance of Environmental Service Teams and Infection Control Specialists, was the need to educate healthcare facility departments on the incredibly important role and functions of the cleaning services staff. We’ve heard stories of whole units being shut down from just one person not understanding an infection control procedure because it was never explained thoroughly to them… Unfortunately, that’s all it takes to put a black mark against a facility.  

We have wanted to implement a Managers and Supervisors course designed to help move healthcare cleaning towards having Best Practice processes for quite a few years, and now that Ali Khondukar has joined IMS, this new course can become a reality.  (more…)
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Infection Control can be kept under control

Infection Control was the topic of this year’s FDN Conference with word class international speakers and local professionals in the field of infection control research and technology.  One of the highlights of the conference was our guest speaker Fiona Nemetz who spoke about bringing the science of infection prevention to the bedside, and the practical application of how to move our current cleaners and nursing staff towards a common understanding of each other’s importance in their roles.  


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Interclean has been a leader in the healthcare cleaning industry for many years and has worked alongside some of Australia’s top Environmental Services Infection Control Managers to bring the world’s highest quality cleaning systems into the hands of our hospital and aged care cleaning staff.

It has not been luck that’s built Interclean as Australia’s number one company for trustworthy, quality cleaning systems, but listening to the needs of workers, the department heads, and the people dedicated to keeping standards at the highest of levels in these facilities.  People like Ali Khondukar, who ran the housekeeping team for the Macquarie University Hospital keeping a continuous 0% tolerance rate on Infectious Control Cleaning, is one of the many professionals that has pioneered some of Australia’s best practice systems we use today.


Ali has also recently overhauled the cleaning, laundry and catering services of the QRS group of aged care facilities in Brisbane. Read on to find out what Ali is doing with the Interclean Group and how he can help you.


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