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Interclean’s CLEANING INNOVATION & BENCHMARKING CONFERENCE 2016 is coming up in late February. If you are a healthcare or aged care cleaning manager, an infection control manager or someone passionate about bringing a higher level of clean to your facility then this is a day that you don’t want to miss. Jam packed with exclusive sessions, international speakers, a panel of some of Australia’s leading healthcare managers along with a wealth of new products and ideas that can help you and your team reach your cleaning and management goals.

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MyClean 360

This revolutionary new app has been designed by some of Australia’s leading Health and Aged Care Cleaning Managers to make your cleaning management the easiest it’s ever been.

Created intentionally to include functions such as scheduling, real time supervision, resource management, training and capturing of extra cleaning tasks to help you take your cleaning management into the future.

MyClean 360

New Products

Sangar will be with us again to present a whole range of smaller trolleys, there will be a range of cleaning machines to help clean those hard to clean floors and Interclean’s Bill Bassett will present some of our newest innovations in disposable microfibre.Fun Gear Store

We are looking into nano coatings for healthcare surfaces that create germ resistant barriers. There will be a Q&A session where we will look at what areas we wish to put effort into over the next 12 months.

Pioneering for a cleaner future

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