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An Environmental Services System to be Proud Of


A new approach to cleaning management in Aged Care

Cabrini Aged Care Facility has reinvented the way they show care for their residents and their extended families.  When an elderly person makes their home with Cabrini, they see it as an opportunity to make a significant difference to their life.  ‘We’ve done some massive changes’ explained Debra Charlton, CEO Cabrini Care. This includes an IT Care System, online training for staff, increased contact with families of residents and utilizing their website to keep connected and engaged with their community.

People have noticed the change and the positive feedback has been so encouraging to Debra and her team.  Included in the changes, over the past year, Cabrini has been implementing a new cleaning management system, MyClean 360, to assist with managing staff, tracking daily tasks and improving quality of cleans. Debra is committed to making her staff feel part of a safe and enjoyable work environment, and from our inspection of the facility and Environmental Services team at Cabrini, Debra has done what she set out to do.

‘The cleaning staff are all interacting really well, the new system has really helped that’ added Charlton of the Full System Trolley, Microfibre and Digital Apps provided by Interclean Managed Services.

Setting up Cabrini’s digital trolley tracking and run sheets have allowed management to clearly see where there was need for new procedures to be implemented and where additional training for staff was required. From this data collection, they have been able to coordinate a more efficient bed making procedure, ensuring that all the right beds are stripped, linen is brought up and beds are made in a sequenced and organised process saving them time and unnecessary pressures on staff. 

“It’s fantastic. It enables them (the nurses) to now concentrate more on care as opposed to making a bed. It’s really coordinated now,” added Charlton. 

By focusing on what tasks are done and where their time is used, they’ve created synergies between nursing staff and cleaners to make each day easier and functionally more efficient. The effective scheduling has also allowed the Cabrini ES team to complete room cleans up to twice a day, whilst still staying on top of extra tasks.

An impressively simple but revolutionary initiative they’ve started is their Calling Cards. After a room has been serviced, the cleaner will leave a small calling card on the resident’s bedside table. The card says, “This room has been cleaned by ……” with the name of the cleaner filled in. 

Cabrini staff pride themselves on quality of care.  These calling cards not only offer a visual reminder that their residents are being cared for and looked after, but also creates a personal connection between the cleaner and resident. The families of residents can feel comfortable knowing their loved one has had a visit by one of the Cabrini friendly team.  

“Just that little touch of saying ‘we’ve been in here’, enables families to have an assurance that in actual fact, the work has been done. It’s giving visual reassurance to families.” Debra Charlton, CEO Cabrini Care. 

Cabrini Debra Charlton and Bill Bassett.jpg

This initiative, inspired by Fiona Nemetz, speaker at Interclean’s Future Disinfection Now Conference 2017, is just one example of how the service offered by cleaner’s and environmental services technicians can add value to a facility beyond the hygiene levels themselves. As a major contributing factor to resident satisfaction, Cabrini has recognised that it’s crucial that they are looking after and managing the expectations of not just their residents, but also their families. 

Having the right team, cleaning systems and innovative thinking about how to ensure each resident, visitor and member of staff feels comfortable, cared for and appreciated, no doubt will ensure continued success of Cabrini for many years to come.

If you would like to learn more about how digital cleaning management and the right training and tools can improve your facility outcomes and best practice cleaning standards, contact the Interclean team today and organise a free site assessment. 

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