Peninsula Village Interview



Peninsula Village at Ettalong NSW were one of the first Nursing Homes in Australia to implement the full Interclean Microfibre Trolley system just over 3 years ago. Bill Bassett visited Jackie Bennett and Heather Martin to find out why they put the system in and how it was working for them.

Can I start by asking by what were the issues you were facing at the time before you had the microfibre system?

Our two main issues were workers comp and infectious cleans. Our premiums were through the roof. Some claims can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and our worst claim was when one of our own nurses fell over on a slippery floor. She never came back to work. (more…)

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Asepsis: How it all began

About 18 months ago I was introduced to David Armstrong from Majestic Cleaning. David had been cleaning nursing homes in Victoria for some time and was using our products. David requested that he wanted to have the best system possible to deliver better cleaning to his clients, while at the same time make his cleaner’s jobs easier and more productive.

He arranged for a meeting at one of his facilities and invited who he believed to be the best minds in the industry. Wayne Dixon from Barwon Cleaning Suppliers and Jamie Finkler from Enzyme Wizard joined David and myself. (more…)

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No Touch Flat Surface Cleaning

Traditionally, cleaning of surfaces was done with a cloth held in your hand. Small hands were good at cleaning small areas and large hands were better at cleaning large surfaces. With healthcare cleaning moving closer and closer towards a higher standard of cleanliness and hygiene, new tools are being developed to minimise hands and gloves coming into contact with surfaces.

While gloves, acting as a barrier, protect the cleaner from germs on the outside of the gloves they do not protect the next surface being cleaned. Our new Hand Held Holders act as barriers, which protect both the cleaner’s hands and the next surface to be cleaned. Through the use of a handle with the various microfibre covers attached to the Velcro side of the tool we are able to completely eliminate direct contact with the surface by the cleaners hands and gloves.

“We are able to completely eliminate direct contact with the surface”

The hand held pole or attached holder allows for larger surface contact than the direct hand. This allows for a much larger cleaning print, reducing cleaning time by up to 70%.

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TouchPoint Marker and UV Torch

For many years I have been intrigued with criminal investigation and detective programs like C.S.I. Watching how quickly they piece together what happened at a crime scene and how easily they seem to find evidence and scan databases for fingerprint matches. In no time at all they know who has been in the room, where they had been previously, and what they had touched.

Well, believe it or not this technology is coming to a facility near you. Cleaners are now being trained to understand what surfaces multiple people are touching most often. Through the use of Touch Point Markers, Supervisors can place an invisible mark on surfaces that should be cleaned and come back later with a special UV black light torch to reveal if any of the surfaces were missed or not cleaned properly.

These UV Flashlights, used by C.S.I investigators and cleaners alike, use special light wavelengths to show evidence of bodily fluids such as urine, blood and semen, all which fluoresce under certain levels of UV light, some even showing latent finger prints without the use of powders traditionally used to lift finger prints.

While your washrooms may look clean to the naked eye, smells often indicate the presence of bodily fluids which all show up very clearly under these high powered UV flash lights.

The Interclean Touch Point Kit comes with 4 markers, 1 high powered UV flashlight and a holster.

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